Restorative Justice Training

Restorative Justice Expertise

Randolph Academy is WNY’s expert in Restorative Justice, an effective alternative to punishment-based school discipline. This approach not only results in better behaving students and lower rates of absenteeism, it creates a culture of mutual respect.

Our staff members are Restorative Justice experts, and we’re happy to share what we know. We host workshops on our campuses and travel to other districts to teach and implement restorative practices in their schools. Find out how you can learn from us!

“Restorative practices aren’t only used when harm has been done and needs to be repaired. They can be used on a daily basis to help build a sense of community between the students. Community building circles are meant to build bonds and strengthen relationships. When students are able to share information about themselves in a safe setting such as a circle, they realize that other students have similar experiences and share similar thoughts. This helps to build a positive classroom environment, helps students learn to respect each other, and creates fewer problems between students in the classroom.”

–          Kristen Willman, Elementary Teacher