Middle / High Schools

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These students are also instructed in smaller classrooms, to ensure more instructional time and access to teachers. Like traditional schools, our students travel in between rooms from one class to another. Middle school students typically stay within their grade level, while high schoolers may have classes with students a grade higher/lower than them, depending on the subject and their learning levels. They are also taught curriculum based on NYS standards by NYS-certified teachers, including the option to follow a Regents diploma path. Students also participate in physical education, art and music classes, and career preparatory classes in the food service, cosmetology and barbery industries are also available. They also receive counseling and specialty services such as speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy if they personally require them.

Typical Day

Our middle and high school students’ day runs from 8 a.m. to 2:25 p.m., with bussing (to-and-from) provided by the student’s home district. Students arrive wearing a comfortable school uniform: a navy top, khaki pants (shorts allowed in warm weather) and sneakers/closed-toe shoes.

These students also receive a free breakfast and lunch, although breakfast is eaten during their first period class, with lunches served in our cafeteria. They are each given a locker as well, to store bags, coats and other personal items. They’re also given required breaks with oversight provided by our trained staff. Students also participate in field trips throughout the year, and they help lead major annual events such as our Fashion Show, Spirit Week, or a community service initiative, such as donation drives for the food pantries or the SPCA. They also enjoy guest speakers such as artists, musicians or other accomplished professionals.

All students also participate in Restorative Justice circles and Guided Group Interactions to discuss and take accountability for their actions and behavior — be they positive or negative — as they relate to our Five School Norms: Safety, Respect, Responsibility, Goal-Directed Living, and The Classroom is Sacred.

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