Our Elementary Team

Elementary Team

All of our classes are 8:1:1 (8 students taught by one teacher and one aide). Each class also has a dedicated behavior support staff member and a guidance counselor assigned to it, as well as supported from occupational, physical and speech therapists.

Randolph Campus Elementary Team

Mary Pauly randolph campus principal

Dr. Mary Pauly, ext.225

Principal Randolph Campus


Mrs. Stephanie DiGennaro, ext. 448

Mrs. Chelsea Dimpfl, ext. 437

Mrs. Melissa Giles, ext. 444

Mrs. Katie Wissman, ext. 442

Mr. Scott Brown: Physical Education, ext. 401

Mr. Don Hinman: Music, ext. 417

Ms. Ann Birmingham: Art, ext. 456

Teacher Aides

Ms. Mary Abraham

Mrs. Angela Comstock

Miss Julia Covey

Mrs. Janice Finch

Ms. Lisa Gibbs

Mrs. Vicki Kickbush

Miss Shelby Overturf

Miss Amanda Wile


Mr. Stephan Sayoc, ext. 301

Registered Nurse

Mrs. Lisa McPherson, ext. 214

Library Clerk

Sierra DeChane, ext. 421

Admissions / CSE Placement

Mrs. Susan Vanderzyden, 211

Hamburg Campus Elementary Team

Andrew Prinzing hamburg campus principal

Mr. Andrew Prinzing, ext. 201

Principal Hamburg Campus


Mrs. Tamera Congilosi, ext. 554

Mr. Patrick Dubiel, ext. 555

Ms. Morgan Green, ext. 550

Mrs. Janet Jesonowski, ext. 557

Ms. Ann Birmingham: Art, ext. 513

Mr. Don Hinman: Music, ext. 520

Teacher Aides

Ms. Paige Baker

Ms. Kaitlin Cartwright

Mrs. Shellie Griffey

Mrs. Sharon Reed

Mrs. Donna Tallman


Mrs. Anne Becker, ext. 310

Restorative Justice Coordinator

Mrs. Laura Heeter

Behavior Support Staff

Miss Sarah Heath

Mr. Patrick Pijanowski

Registered Nurse

Miss Shelly Harris, ext. 212

School Psychologist

Mrs. Alyssa Simon, ext. 237

Admissions / CSE Placement

Mr. Thomas Palcic, ext. 211