About Randolph

Randolph Academy supports, empowers and educates students with emotional and mental health disabilities to live safely, behave responsibly and respectfully, advance toward their goals and succeed in the classroom. These students may be living through difficult situations such as poverty, neglect, abuse or loss. We offer therapy, counseling and behavior management, as well as a 12-month academic program.

Academic Excellence

Academic success is our priority. Our students consistently pass their Regents exams at a much higher rate than the state’s averages for students with disabilities. In nearly every subject, our passing rates are at least 25% better!

We also offer Career Technical Education (CTE), providing vocational training in the food service, cosmetology and barbery industries. This gives many students rewarding careers as self-sustaining adults.

Our small class sizes and individual attention help our students to perform better, and our counselors have low caseloads, so they can provide support in classrooms as well as individual sessions. Students also receive transitional support as they move on to college life or begin their careers.

Restorative Justice Expertise

Randolph Academy is WNY’s expert in Restorative Justice , an effective alternative to punishment-based discipline. This approach not only results in better behaving students and lower rates of absenteeism, it creates a culture of mutual respect.

Our staff members are Restorative Justice experts, and we’re happy to share what we know. We host workshops on our campuses and travel to other districts to teach and implement restorative practices in their schools. Find out how you can learn from us!

Community Commitment

We’re also committed to our neighbors, and to educating them about who our students are – and who they are not. Our students come to us at a time in their lives when they’ve been dealt challenging circumstances. They’ve chosen us to help them through these rough times. Usually, they long for friendship and simple acts of kindness — and our neighbors can play an important role in their success.

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Randolph Academy also plays an important role in our communities. Our students and staff volunteer regularly, giving back to various nonprofits such as parks, nursing homes, community centers and the SPCA. We also conduct field trips, so that our students learn about our region and the importance of respecting and supporting our neighbors and our history.