Hamburg Campus Team

Caring for Your Children

Senior Administration

Dr. Danielle Cook


Mrs. Laura Osinski

Principal, Hamburg Campus

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Ms. Theresa Gray

Director of Curriculum

Dr. Kristin Garaas-Johnson

Director of Curriculum & Special Education

Faculty and Staff

Elementary Teachers

Mrs. Janet Jesonowski, ext. 555

Ms. Heather Lewis, ext. 553

Ms. Jennifer Mazur, ext. 554

Middle / High School Teachers

Mr. Edward Beard, ext. 527

Ms. Terra Bialy, ext. 521

Miss Emily Cronin, ext. 513

Mrs. Jennifer Denis, ext. 528

Ms. Danielle Lesika, ext. 526

Mr. Joe Peterson, ext. 529

Mr. James Vitale, ext. 540

Mr. Benjamin Warner, ext. 514

Special Subject Teachers

Music: Mr. Don Hinman, ext. 520

Physical Education & Health: Mr. Greg Jaszka, ext. 517

Cosmetology: Mrs. Rebecca Jaszka, ext. 519

Food Service: Mr. Christopher Meckes, ext. 539

Teacher Assistants

Miss Kelly Lafferty

Mr. Kyle MacDonald

Teacher Aides

Ms. Holli Caldwell

Mr. Bernard Ealey

Miss Dominique Ealey

Ms. Madison Herlan

Mr. Steven Hetrick

Mr. Andrew Kocieniewski

Mr. Joshua Manka

Ms. Victoria Mitchell

Miss Tammy Reed

Ms. Sharon Reed


Ms. Alyssa Kling, ext. 321

Mrs. Kayla Hill, ext. 316

Mrs. Tina Morgan, ext. 314

Mr. Thomas Palcic, ext. 312

Behavior Support Staff

Mrs. Jamie Cullen

Ms. Julie Lafferty

Behavior Technicians

Mrs. Shellie Griffey

Ms. Brittany Herrmann

Registered Nurse

Ms. Shelly Harris, ext. 212

Support Staff

District Clerk, Secretary to the Superintendent: Tina Rogers

District Treasurer: Regina Sheldon

Information System Administrator: Brian Fleischmann

Computer Facilitator: Jessica Manka

School Secretary: Vacant

District Secretary: Sandra Catalano

All of our classes are 8:1:1 (8 students taught by one teacher and one aide). Each class also has a dedicated behavior support staff member and a guidance counselor assigned to it, as well as supported from occupational, physical and speech therapists.