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Become part of our team and make a difference in the development of our students and community. Here are our currently available opportunities:

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As a Randolph Academy employee, you become part of the New York State Retirement System, with a salary and benefits that are negotiated per the Randolph Academy UFSD Professional Association contract.

We’re looking for candidates with strong interpersonal and communication skills who have the ability to work with parents and families of students with disabilities.

Positions to begin: ASAP
Submit letter of interest, resume, and certification to:
Dr. Danielle Cook, Superintendent
Randolph Academy UFSD
336 Main Street
Randolph, NY 14772

“Randolph Academy is a great place to work because everyone shares the same vision. We’re all dedicated to our mission of finding each student’s greatness. This creates a family-centered environment where everyone is supportive of each other and works well together.”

  • Katie Wissman, K-2 Teacher

“What makes working at Randolph Academy great is that every day is never the same. Each day you encounter new and unique challenges and there are few better feelings than having a young person overcome an obstacle.  I also believe we work so well together because we are family and genuinely care about each other.”

  • Matthew Pugh, School Counselor

“It is extremely rewarding to see our students grow emotionally, academically, and behaviorally in a program that is based on their individual needs.”

  • Laura Heeter, Restorative Justice Coordinator

“I feel that Randolph Academy is a great place to work because it is focused on a holistic, integrative and innovative approach to the education and development of students need. Our supportive team nurtures professionalism and relationships between colleagues.”

  • Indra Johnson, Teacher Aide

“It is the people we work with, from the students to the staff. It is a level of camaraderie that would be hard to find anywhere else.”

  • Maria McMullen, Registered Behavior Technician / Aide

“Randolph Academy is an awesome place to work because there is great staff and an awesome principal to work with.”

  • Devone Adelgren, Behavioral Support Staff

“Randolph Academy is composed of a helpful, interdependent staff, so there is comfort in knowing that you always have a bevy of assistance and resources at your disposal.”

  • Sam Heeter, Math Teacher

“Individuals can express themselves authentically and grow as a team here at Randolph Academy.”

  • Donald Wagner, Custodian