Learning from Llamas

This week our Randolph Campus’ seventh graders enjoyed an awesome field trip to Llama Adventures, in Arcade, N.Y. They learned about the history of llamas, including their sounds, why they spit, how they became domesticated, and how yarn is made from their unique wool. The staff even showed us how a spinning wheel works!

Our kids then each got to lead a llama through an obstacle course and enjoyed a 25-minute hike leading their very own llama through the woods. It was fun, informative, peaceful and therapeutic — and we thank the staff at Llama Adventures for such a great experience!

Randolph Academy understands the power of learning outside of the classroom. Research shows that students remember these experiences longer than most traditional classroom lessons. Studies have also shown that time spent outdoors improves children’s personal development, school grades, mental health and social skills. It’s also beneficial to our teachers and staff too, as a change of pace is usually welcomed by us all! We encourage it at virtually every level.