Randolph Academy Student Spotlight: Bradley Flagg

There was a time when Bradley Flagg wasn’t sure this day would come. He often struggled with a variety of emotional issues as a student, which neither he nor his school were equipped to support.

Now, in just a few weeks, he will be graduating high school as a member of Randolph Academy’s inaugural National Honor Society class and pursuing a career as a mechanic and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

When asked about the positives of attending Randolph Academy, he mentions the genuine support from his teachers and staff, positive peering, and the restorative practice circles which have helped him solve problems among his highlights.

“I would tell a new student to give this place time and let the teachers get to know you,” the South Dayton, N.Y. resident advises. “Get to know the teachers too, so they can help you. They really do care.”

Brad has been at the Randolph Campus since January 2020. Hailing from the Pine Valley School District, he says that attending school here has helped him learn to keep calm at important times and seek out the support of others, when needed. He feels that the community-building circles used at Randolph Academy are helpful to learn how to deal with issues as they arise.

“They are definitely needed,” he attests. “They don’t solve everything but…we can talk about what is happening and not let it build up.”

Being a positive peer and influence on other students also helped make Randolph Academy a special place for Brad. He is a Timberwolf, part of the campus’ normative culture and a distinction that helps students learn behaviors that are essential to success in any setting. Many staff agree that he’s a great listener to younger students, giving them advice which helps them stay on the right track.

In school, lunch is one of his favorite times. He often spends it with Randolph Campus Principal Mary Pauly. He appreciates that he can talk to her about anything, which makes the day go by faster. He also cites Physical Education Teacher Scott Brown and Teacher Aide Crystal Peelman among his favorite staff

“They’re understanding when you have a bad day,” he explains. “They listen to you, and I feel like I can tell them anything. I’ve never had that in a school before.”

In addition to being a Timberwolf, Brad has the distinction of being one of five students who make up Randolph Academy’s first-ever National Honor Society class. He also received the NYS Senate Youth Leadership Award, which honors local high school students who display exemplary academic achievements and volunteer to do great work in their community. Since 2016, Bradley has been a volunteer fireman – a true passion of his. He plans to study for his EMT certification this fall, attend college and find employment as a mechanic. “I like to help my community,” he says. “To know that I was there to help save someone or help out in an incident before it gets worse means a lot to me.”