Buffalo Business First shares Randolph Academy’s Story

Huge thanks to Buffalo Business First for helping to spread the word about Randolph Academy and our work with students struggling with emotional wellness. You can read their story here.

We’re proud to be WNY’s leaders in Restorative Justice, an effective alternative to punishment-based discipline. It consistently results in better behaving students, lower rates of absenteeism, and a culture of mutual respect. Our students also pass their state Regents exams at rates which are far better than their peers!

Our use of Circle sessions are extremely effective in bringing all of those involved together during a conflict, allowing the offender to see and better understand the harm which he or she has caused. Better still, it also allows them to be part of the solution, having an active voice in determining what can be done to repair that harm.

If you think you have a student or a child who might benefit from this approach, please reach out to Admission team to learn more.