Randolph Academy Opens with 100% In-person Fall Instruction

We are very pleased to share that both of our campuses were able to open with 100% in-person instruction, Monday through Friday, in September.

During the summer we gained valuable experience implementing COVID-19 health and safety protocols, as we operated a hybrid summer school model with 40% in-person instruction and 60% remote learning. This made moving to a fully in-person status much easier.

All of our staff and students participate in a daily health screenings. Other protocols include personal handwashing or sanitizing at the start of every class, social distancing within our classrooms, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces following every class period. Social distancing markers and other signage, hallway monitors, and staggered class changes have also contributed to our success.

Restorative Approach Used to Help Students Comply with Health and Safety Protocols

By using a restorative approach to complying with health and safety protocols, our students have more readily embraced the importance of mask wearing and other preventative measures. For example, on the first day we held talking circles to discuss mask wearing, including how many people have unseen vulnerabilities, such as medical conditions or anxieties. We also discussed those who we want to protect by wearing our masks, such as a newborn sibling, a grandparent, etc. This appealed to our students’ hearts and stirred empathy and responsibility. On the occasion that a student won’t comply, we host a responsive circle to try to determine what is at the root of their behavior. This process has helped several students get onboard with upholding our protocols, and even uncovered some other issues that have led to help with issues at home and a referral for substance abuse treatment.

Due to the emotional and mental health disabilities our students possess, a return to some degree of normalcy has been especially helpful for them and their families. Our deepest thanks go out to all of our hard-working faculty and staff who have gone the extra mile to put our students’ needs at the forefront and make this year’s unique back-to-school transition a success.