restorative justice learning lab

Randolph Academy’s Restorative Justice Learning Lab draws statewide participants

Learning lab draws participants from numerous districts across the state.

We continue to work to make the Randolph Academy one of the state’s leading experts in and advocates for Restorative Justice practices. To further these efforts, in November we hosted a “Learning Lab” – a free workshop to help teachers, counselors and administrators look at student discipline differently and recognize more effective methods. We were delighted to draw more than 60 attendees representing 20 different school districts — some from as far away as Rochester, Binghamton and Albany.

Traditionally, discipline in schools has emphasized negative consequences. Adults assign guilt and issue punitive consequences such as detentions and suspensions. At Randolph Academy, we believe there’s a better way. We build relationships and community. When things go wrong, the members of our school find resolution and healing through restorative practices.

Our Learning Lab was held to teach other educators how we do this – and offer strategies for how they can begin to implement these practices in their schools, too. Attendees shared positive comments about their experiences and encouraged us to continue offering these learning opportunities for colleagues and peers in the coming months.

teacher instructs elementary students