Peer Recognition Awards

Pictured on the left is Julie Lafferty, receiving the award from her colleague, Laura Heeter.


The 2017 Peer Recognition Award for Hamburg Campus Support Staff goes to Julie Lafferty, Behavior Management Aide. The award was presented by last year's recipient, Laura Heeter, who said, "It is my honor and privilege to present Julie Lafferty with this year's Peer Recognition Award. Julie has spent her entire life in service to others and has made an impact on many young people's livers. Julie's dedication, work ethic and compassion make her more than deserving of this very special award. Congratulations, Julie!"



Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple Award recipient, Danielle Lesika.


Danielle Lesika demonstrates the highest standard of professionalism. As an English teacher, Danielle has finely tuned her instructional practices to align closely with the Common Core Learning Standards. Her students always know the learning goal and when they have achieved it. This precision in teaching, along with many other effective strategies, as led to outstanding academic results. This year, 100% of Danielle’s students passed the English Regents Exam! Danielle has a heart for our students. She establishes strong rapport, with even the most challenging of students. On countless occasions, I have seen Danielle win cooperation from students with proximity and a flash of her vibrant smile. Her students know that she sincerely cares for them. For the last two years, Danielle has been recognized at the state level by being selected as a test item reviewer for the English teacher certification exam. Danielle can hold her own even in this elite group of the best English teachers in New York State. In recognition of her expertise, the test vendor has selected Danielle to serve as an official scorer of the NYS English Teacher Certification Exams.