Peer Recognition Awards

Left to right: Susan Jackson, the 2015 professional staff recipient presented this year's awards to Mary Stokes, Andrew Maben. The 2015 support staff recipient Rhonda Town, presented this year's award to Diane Terry.


This award recognizes individuals who exemplify Normative Culture in their service to students, by demonstrating the following:

  • Showing respect toward students
  • Providing an emotionally and physically safe environment
  • Encouraging students to set goals and celebrate when they reach them,
  • Teaching students how to become responsible
  • Teaching students to value education and that the classroom is sacred.

    The 2016 Support Staff Nominees were:

    Cindy Deppa Jackson, Julie Hitchcock, Jenniffer Brown, Diane Terry, Janice Finch, Dennis Boron, Rhonda Town, Janise Rhoades, Julia Covey, Indra Johnson, Donny Wagner. Congratulations to the nominees!

    The 2016 Recipient of the Peer Recognition Award is Diane Terry, Randolph Campus Teacher Aide.

    Diane always goes above and beyond for students. She is willing to take extra time with students for whatever needs to be done. If you need help, she is there! This summer, Diane did an amazing job making sure our students met all the requirements for Driver’s Ed. As one of our bus drivers, Diane is always ready to transport a student. She is very supportive and nurturing especially when students are upset or sick. Diane has served for many years as Senior Class Advisor. In this role, Diane has helped to create many wonderful senior year memories for our students. She has also been responsible for orchestrating many wonderful Commencement Ceremonies. Diane demonstrates all the norms in all her interactions with her peers and students. For these reasons, Diane Terry was honored by her colleagues with the 2016 Support Staff Peer Recognition Award.


    Susan Jackson, last year's recipient of the Professional Staff Peer Recognition Award, made the award presentation to this year's recipients.

    The Randolph Campus nominees for the Professional Staff Peer Recognition Award were:

    Andrew Maben, Rich Young, Mary Stokes, Natalie Harrington, Tara Hayes, Heather Smith, Kevin Abbott, Kyle Yelich, Julie McIntyre, Jason Bussman & Liane Martonis. Congratulations to all the nominees!

    The 2016 Professional Staff Peer Recognition Award resulted in a tie, so the award was presented to both Mary Stokes, School Counselor and Andrew Maben, Special Ed Teacher.

    Mary Stokes is always there for the kids! Not just her own students, but any student. She is incredible with the students. She take time to listen; when a student goes for a walk and talk Ms. Stokes, they come back refreshed. Mary is an amazing Team Leader. She always has everything prepared for the meeting and provides the team with the full picture of what is going on with each student on the team. This helps the team make decisions with consideration for the whole child. Mary is always kind. She is patient. She is even tempered, even in crisis situations. Mary is a rock! For these reasons, Mary Stokes was honored by her colleagues with the 2016 Professional Staff Peer Recognition Award!

    Andrew Maben is willing to listen to the students needs while taking a collaborative approach with his colleagues to best meet the needs of the student while upholding the norms and structure of the program. As the Timber Wolf adviser, Andrew has developed relationships with the students who exemplify the normative culture themselves. Andrew serves as a teacher leader in our school. As a member of the Restorative Justice Team, he has helped to implement conferences to resolve serious student behavior issues. Andrew also served as a member of the District & Building Safety Teams, where his background in emergency response was a big asset. Andrew continues to grow and develop as a professional and is always looking to his colleagues for suggestions on how to reach out and make a positive impact on the students. For these reasons, Andrew Maben was honored by his colleagues with the 2016 Professional Staff Peer Recognition Award!

    Golden Apple Award

    Kate Cusimano, left, is presented with the Golden Apple Award by Superintendent DeCarlo


    The Golden Apple Award is given to recognize the outstanding professional contribution and achievement of an individual.

    The 2016 Randolph Campus recipient of the Golden Apple Award was presented to Kate Cusimano, School Counselor.

    Kate Cusimano is the consummate professional: competent, poised and dedicated. Kate works quietly in the background to support students and their families, whatever it takes. Parents express deep appreciation for Kate’s role in helping their children overcome emotional and social anxiety saying, “I never thought I would see my child comfortable and engaged in school.” By helping students overcome extreme anxiety, Kate changes the direction of a student’s life for the better. Kate upholds the highest standard of confidentiality to protect the privacy of the students on her caseload; she will never share information that exposes a student’s personal or private matters. In doing so, Kate honors the dignity of each child. Kate’s effectiveness with students spans a wide range of ages as she reaches young students as well as high schoolers. She is widely respected by her peers and serves as a mentor to her colleagues. As a member of the district's Restorative Justice Team, Kate has helped to implement strategies that guide students to repair any harm done by their actions and to restore themselves to good standing. Kate exercises good judgment when responding to complex situations. Her insights are astute and her follow through complete. Kate shows grace under fire. Kate Cusimano is a most deserving recipient of the 2016 Golden Apple Award.